Global Digisports Con 4.0 2022


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International Association of Sports and ICT is Inviting Expression of Interest from various Sports Association […]

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International Association of Sports and ICT managed by Council for Sustainable Peace and Development publishes […]

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On 2-3rd August 2019, Kanyakumari , Hotel Sea View Council for Sustainable Peace and Development Launched International Association of Sports and ICT (IASI) and Inaugurated Global Digisports Conference 2019 for the promotion and Support of United Nation Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 Goal 03 “Global Health and Well-Being”. Wellbeing is not just the absence of disease or illness. It is a complex combination of a person’s physical, mental, emotional and social healthfactors. Wellbeing is strongly linked to happiness and life satisfaction. In short, wellbeing could be described as how you feel about yourself and your life.

IASI Team is Advocating the Agenda and Performing it’s all action and activities as per the Constitution and Directive by the Council through Various Digi Sports Academy which shall be Formulated and Executed Shortly across the Globe for the Establishment of International Center For Digi Sports Excellence In association with various International Sports and Olympic association. Digi Sports Con 2019 is amalgamation and Result of Prof. Dr. D. Shunmuganathan and His Visionary Plan and Action.

Nowadays and In Future Sports and its Activities Shall be Accelerate Decision Digitally and ICT is extremely useful in sports for many reasons as video officials use ICT to help them make decisions which would be hard to see normally. The use of ICT makes the results more accurate and well-organized. Also, ICT provides evidence for the officials so they will not receive complaints or abuse from the opposition – i.e. a tennis ball being shown as out. 

We all are Sure all intellectuals’ & members of this Association shall appreciate and welcome our Initiative and Would Like to Welcome Association, Partner, and Alliances for the establishment of Digi Sports Academy and International Center of Digi Sports Excellence.

Prof. Ripu Ranjan Sinha
President -IASI